And its over!!

The fashion show was last Thursday and it was a success. All the models and designers had fun doing it. The audience looked all the outfits and thought it was very good. There will be a video up soon of the fashion show. Everyone’s hard work paid off. Here’s a model and the design.



fashion show grows closer!

Its only a week until westchester community college hosts it fashion show. The students are working hard to prepare and it looks to be going well. All of the models are excited and cant wait. tonight is the rehearsal and the final touches. Dont miss out come to the rehearsal and enjoy!


fashion show grows closer

maxresdefault (1)

The fashion show has been growing closer and the students have been working hard. Most of the students are 70% done with all their garments for the show but still need to finish up some thing. The fashion show will be held on April 28th in the academic arts building at 5pm. It will be a great time for everyone. You will get to see all the designs from the students throughout the semester.

Update on wcc spring fashion show

fashion show

The students have been working hard on there outfits for the spring fashion show and recently they finished there first look. They still have to create more looks and begin searching for models. As time grows closer it will get harder to get stuff done,but they are working hard and we cant wait to see the final products on the runway in April.

Sectionals in New Jersey Results

sectional bowling

Four girls off the westchester girls bowling team had the chance to go to sectionals in jersey and here are the results.  Friday March 11, Natasha Morrison  averaged 172 over six games at the USBC Eastern Sectional Singles and finished 90th. Jocelyn Sanchez  averaged 157 and finished 119th while Angelina DiRoma  finished 132nd with a 143 average and Stephanie Frank finished 133rd with a 140 average. Half the didn’t very well as the other half struggled, they went into this blind as to what pattern they were facing and seeing the results now it took a toll on half the girls. This was the last chance for most of the girls since they will be graduating, but overall they had a good season and hope for the best in the future.

Buffalo Results?

bowling nationals

The westchester men’s and women’s bowling team seemed to do pretty well up in buffalo , here are the results.The Viking’s women’s team finished in 11th place at the NJCAA National Championships at AMF Airport Lanes in Buffalo NY. Natasha Morrison finished in 35th place in All events with a 156 average. Stephanie Frank averaged 148 and Jocelyn Sanchez averaged 140. The National Championships was won by Schenectady CC.The Vikings men’s threw a 257 baker game in route to passing Schoolcraft and Adirondack and finishing in 10th place . Robert Shine averaged 183 for the tournament and finished in 15th place in the All Events competition. Brian Crawford averaged 180 and finished 18th. The National Championship was won by Suffolk.

Nationals in Buffalo!!!

Westchester community college men and women bowling teams are heading to buffalo Thursday the 25th to participate in nationals.they had a great season and now that it is finally coming to an end, this is the last chance they got to show just how skilled they are.While up in buffalo the bowling team will be going to a banquet on the Friday to receive any awards they might have won that day. We don’t know what pattern they will be facing but hopefully its not to hard for them to conquer. wish them luck!!!


Regionals !!

The Vikings finished in 2nd place at the NJCAA Region XV Championships at AMF Babylon. Angelina DiRoma averaged 164 and was named to the All Region Team. DiRoma and Natasha Morrison took second place in doubles with a 648 over two games. in two weeks both the women and the men’s bowling team will be heading to buffalo to compete in the national championships.